Wednesday 23 April 2014

Welcome to the King's Park Dog Blog

Hello and welcome! We can’t wait to show everyone what a wonderful park we have here in Winnipeg!
A lot of us have been going to King's Park for years, and we are so proud of this open area for our canine kids and buddies.
We are so glad to have this snow melting away and then enjoy a nice summer filled with fun, friends and laughter (at our dogs).
In 2008, Betty Braaksma started the original dog blog. Since she has now moved to Brandon, the rest of the members have moved forward. We also received a small monetary amount from the city and now have installed these cute little bag dispensers in all corners of the park and at the entrances.

Thank you Ray for your expertise and handy work in making these and Marilyn, Mary Ann and Nevin for making sure the dispensers have always been filled. Also, thank you to everyone who donates bags to the cause!
We know they're being used! Thank you!

Thank you Remon Yang at CIBC for helping us set up our bank account. We appreciate it.

As for the future, we'll have regular updates, some features on our furry children, and hopefully (maybe) a get together for members and friends might be in the works. To the regular members whose emails we already have, please pass on our blog address to other park attendees so we can further the exposure of this beautiful park.
Here's our email:
Feel free to drop a line with comments, concerns or questions. You can also comment below!

Stay tuned, there is more to come....

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